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Phil Collins has excluded himself from future Genesis tours.

The “Invisible Touch” hitmakers – also including Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks – kick off their first tour since 2007 in Birmingham tonight (20.09.21), and the 70-year-old has insisted on his lingering health issues, which have left him rendered unable to play the drums, this means that he is unlikely to be back on stage with his bandmates after “The Last Domino?” ” to visit.

Phil told the new issue of Mojo magazine, “This UK and America tour will be enough for me.”

However, keyboardist Tony, 71, suggested, “I think it depends a little bit on how it goes. How Phil holds up to it all. How the audience receives it and what we all think about it, really.” “

Phil’s son, Nic Collins, replaces his father on drums.

He said: “I am a bit physically disabled which is very frustrating because I would love to play up there with my son.”

As recently as last week, the “In The Air Tonight” hitmaker admitted he could “barely” hold a drumstick in his hand.

Phil suffered for a long time in his health when he injured a vertebra in his upper neck during a performance in 2009.

And two years later, he retired from the stage due to crippling nerve damage, which left him unable to play the drums, before returning in 2015.

Some of his more recent solo exhibitions have seen him perform on a chair.

And speaking on “BBC Breakfast” to promote the reunion shows, Phil made a devastating update.

He said: “I am a bit physically disabled which is very frustrating because I would love to play up there with my son.”

When asked if he could still play the drums, he replied, “No. No, I would love to but, you know, I mean I can barely hold a stick with that hand, so there are some physical things that get in my way.

However, the drumsticks are in good hands, as Phil previously praised Nic for being able to play like him with the same “attitude”.

He said: “I mean, for me it wasn’t a compromise, but it was something that worked and it was a problem that we had to overcome.

“I’ll do my best to play a few songs on the tour.

“So I have to start thinking seriously, I’ve been working on what to do and what songs to play.”

The “Land of Confusion” hitmakers last played together to mark their 40th birthday and had been reluctant to reunite due to Phil’s medical issues.

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