600Breezy blows up attempt to kidnap her “little brother”

600Breezy blew up the attempted kidnapping of his

Fortunately, the young boy manages to return safely to his family after police intervene when the boy’s sister and father hunted down the suspected kidnapper in a high-speed chase.

600Breezy just narrowly avoided a heartbreaking family tragedy. The Chicago rapper has revealed that his younger brother was recently targeted by a kidnapper, who attempted to take the boy to South Chicago.

In an Instagram Live, the younger boy’s sister emotional detailed what happened to her younger brother. She claimed that the alleged kidnapper tried to lure the minor into his car with an offer of money while the boy was outside his grandmother’s house.

“This man just tried to rip my brother off on f ** king 59th and King Drew Dr., so you can all see him if anyone knows him because that shit is bogus as hell,” said the sister while the video showed a man, possibly the suspect, handcuffed with a policeman standing nearby.

The sister said she and the boy’s father chased the suspected kidnapper down the freeway, which drew the attention of police nearby. The cops then stopped the two vehicles, arresting the culprit and foiling the attempted kidnapping.

“We just got into a high speed chase and just chased his ass in front of my grandma’s house. My brother just left and he just tried to kidnap him,” the sister continued with tears in her eyes. the eyes. “He just tried to fuck her off my brother and the fucking king to take him away as soon as he left the f ** kinghouse out!” She continued to remind parents to take a lesson from the unfortunate situation: “I need all of you motherfuckers to watch all your children here!”

600Breezy then commented on the video. “It was my little brother that he tried to tear off,” he responded with emotion to the kidnapping attempt. “I’m mad because f ** k my pops didn’t come off the set.”

Details of the suspect and his arrest are not immediately known.

In January 2020, 600Breezy lost another of his younger brothers. “Tell @fredosantanassr for that shit gang @_bigceo the same day? S ** tf ** kin with my little brother head. Rest,” he expressed his grief in an Instagram post with a photo of him and his brother holding what looked like propeller pistols.