5 Benefits Of Green Tea With Honey

Green tea is one of the most beneficial and consumed drinks in the world. Known as one of the best sources of antioxidants, flavonoids, and phytonutrients; Green tea is an all-in-one health enhancer.

Why having green tea with honey is better than having it with sugar?

Green tea is mainly consumed for health and fitness purposes, but when combined with sugar, the calories only add to fat. Therefore, it is very important to stay away from sugar. It is said that a single cube of sugar contains only nine calories, but drinking green tea with sugar several times a day can add two or three times the amount of calories, thereby nullifying the effects of green tea.

What are the Benefits of Drinking Green Tea with Honey?

Benefits the heart

Green tea, in addition to its other benefits, helps keep the heart healthy and in good condition. According to medical research, consuming at least 7-8 cups of green tea could reduce the risk of dying from heart disease by almost 75%. Green tea also lowers cholesterol to a significant amount and increases good cholesterol.

Manage cholesterol

High cholesterol can lead to fatal heart disease and strokes. It is therefore very important to keep cholesterol levels under control. For the heart to function properly, the cholesterol level must be below 200 mg/dl. In addition to a balanced diet and exercise, drinking green tea with honey helps control bad cholesterol.

Fights bad breath

As a superfood, green tea not only helps to keep the body fit and healthy but also to fight bacteria and viruses in the mouth and to eliminate bad breath. The polyphenols in green tea keep your mouth clean and odorless for over 30 percent. So why add honey to the mix? Honey acts as an antimicrobial that prevents the growth of bacteria in the mouth. For this reason, the use of green tea with honey can be an effective way to combat bad breath.

Gives you Healthy skin

Regular consumption of green tea with honey removes toxins from the body and replaces them with healthy vitamins and minerals. Honey and green tea are rich in antioxidants that help renew skin cells and make them look younger and brighter. They also help fight acne and rashes by removing toxic free radicals from the system. Find out about the different ways to use honey on your skin and face.

Helps in Hair growth

According to numerous researches, green tea helps to stop hair loss and promotes hair growth in men and women. Green tea is full of catechins that help suppress the dihydrotestosterone that causes hair loss. Other compounds, such as ascorbic acid and zinc, found in green tea also help with hair growth. Honey is another element that can work wonders for your hair. If your hair is dry or dirt is increasing and exposure to direct sunlight has made it lifeless, the use of honey can restore the lost shine and shine of your hair. Therefore, regular consumption of green tea with honey can prove to be a long-term benefit for those looking for long, shiny curls.

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