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Why Eating the Whole Honeycomb is Even Better Than Raw Honey


Avoid processed honey and buy the whole honeycomb – it’s rich in all kinds of fantastic bee products that can heal your body from within.

Beehive products are more than honey. In fact, a single honeycomb is rich in layers of various substances such as bee pollen, royal jelly and propolis, which can help reduce inflammation, fight bad bacteria and even fight cancer.

Read on to learn more about the lesser-known bee products available, their powerful natural benefits, and how to use them.

Why You Should Eat More Bee Products

When you think of “beehive products” your mind will probably immediately turn to honey. However, honey isn’t all that bees can provide.

There are other bits and substances from the honeycomb, such as royal jelly, propolis, pollen and even the honeycomb itself (which is edible). Each beekeeping product has different properties and effects, so trying a variety in your diet can bring more benefits overall.

What’s in a Honeycomb?

Then we dive into the many parts that make up a complete honeycomb. We show you how each bee product can help improve your health and give you tips on how to eat (or use) them.

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