Top Health Vitamin E Benefits | How It Benefits the Skin?


Due to its powerful antioxidant effects, vitamin E offers numerous benefits and is considered an essential nutrient for good health and beautiful skin.

It was discovered in the 1920s and is a fat-soluble vitamin, which means it is better absorbed by the fat in our food.

It is mainly stored in the body in adipose tissue, liver, and muscles.

It has eight different forms.

Alpha-tocopherol is the most common and active form of this vitamin.

The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDI) is 15 mg so that it can easily be ingested through food.

However, some experts believe that higher doses of up to 200 mg per day may be more beneficial in preventing certain medical conditions.

Dietary supplements are best taken with food. It is recommended that you consult your doctor or nutritionist if you are considering taking any supplements.

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