Top 10 Antiviral Foods


Did you know that you probably already have strong antiviral foods in your kitchen? Learn about the best foods to help you fight viral infections year-round.

There are over 219 strains of the virus that can infect humans, and more are discovered every year. In fact, researchers say that more than two-thirds of the new human pathogens are viruses and not bacteria or other fungi.

Fortunately, not only is our body equipped with a robust immune system to fight off viruses (when properly nourished), nature has provided us with powerful tools in the form of antiviral foods and herbs to help them out. help stop them in their tracks.

Let’s take a look at the 10 best antiviral foods to keep fueling up not just during cold and flu seasons, but all year round to help your body fight viruses naturally.

We have also added some recipes at the end of the article to help you add these foods to your daily diet.

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