The 13 best teas for energy, according to an expert

Even the most avowed coffee lover knows that every now and then, few things are as nourishing and delicious as a steaming cup of tea. The unique flavors, the feeling of warmth and the comforting rituals are a real treat on a cold day. And if you can get a little burst of energy from your drink, even better! I love a soothing bedtime tea or an anti-stress tea, but sometimes I just want a little shake without having a cup of coffee. Fortunately, there are plenty of tasty and effective options. But since not all teas are made the same, we decided to ask a dietitian for a rundown of the best. teas for energy.

All in green tea reigns supreme when it comes to energy, there are other strains that offer many health benefits besides caffeine. We brought in dietitian Carolyn Leonard, RD, CDN to give us a more comprehensive overview of the best energy teas, and to help us understand the many health benefits of green tea in particular. It’s pretty clear that it’s an incredibly healthy alternative to coffee and worth adding to your. drink rotation.

Tea lovers, stand up, for it is your time. Each of these teas is tastier than the other. Read on for everything you need to know before heading to the tea room.

The best teas for energy include, but are not limited to:

All of these teas contain caffeine to give us energy. When shopping for tea, Leonard urges everyone to look for organic loose leaf teas because they provide the greatest amount of natural antioxidants – the less processed, the better. The best way to find them is to go to a tea room and seek professional help.

While Yerba Mate, a herbal tea from South America, is used in many energy drinks on the market, Leonard does not approve of them. Yerba Mate can provide its own unique energy boost through a compound called theobromine, a known stimulant.

Green tea versus coffee

Leonard loves green tea not only for its flavor, but also for its many health benefits. Although there is evidence-based research on the health benefits of coffee, we also know that too much caffeine can be harmful to our physical and mental health—caffeine-induced anxiety disorder is right. Depending on how the coffee is brewed, an 8-ounce serving can provide twice as much caffeine as green tea. That being said, if you love coffee, you don’t have to switch to green tea altogether, but you may want to consider cutting back on coffee and increasing your tea intake, or consider some. alternatives to coffee. Like anything else, balance is important.

While the energy for both drinks comes from caffeine, Leonard assures us that there is less of it in green tea. What’s more, green tea also contains a natural amino acid called L-theanine which acts as a natural calming agent and, when combined with caffeine, gives you a crash-free boost. This amino acid was shown to improve mental focus, sleep, relaxation, cognitive performance, weight loss and immunity. Even the calming act of sipping tea can improve mood and decrease stress.

The health benefits of green tea

Green tea is filled with amazing compounds that have been shown to be able to thwart disease and even improve health, says Leonard. Unlike black tea or oolong tea, green tea leaves have not undergone any oxidative process, leaving “the good stuff” packed inside. These included antioxidants, catechins, and polyphenols. These specific compounds in green tea have been extensively researched over the past few years and proven to be beneficial in many ways, including:

  • lower cholesterol levels
  • improve cognition and memory
  • decrease the risk of heart disease
  • supports weight management
  • reduce the risk of cancer
  • decrease the risk of diabetes

Keep scrolling for the best teas for energy, according to an expert!

Green tea

This high-quality green tea is organic, non-GMO and packaged in Abacá hemp fiber tea bags free of dyes, adhesives, staples and string. It’s not much cleaner than that.

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Full of fresh flavor and a delicious earthy green taste, this tea is a favorite of green tea connoisseurs the world over.

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Get back to basics with this simple and popular green tea. It has delicious, slightly sweet notes, a sweet flavor and that comforting, comforting scent of fine green tea.

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The Republic of Tea searches the world for the best tea leaves, supports local farmers, and delivers high-quality, delicious tea.

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Matcha tea

Whether you are a longtime matcha enthusiast or a beginner, you will need to try this bright green, fresh and invigorating matcha blend from Rishi.

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Treat yourself to this rich and vibrant flavor. Made from 100% pure green tea leaves grown in the shade of Japan, this matcha is perfect for lattes, smoothies and more.

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Black tea

This classic morning tea is absolutely irresistible. It’s a blend of two superb organic black teas: savory Ceylon and punchy Assam. It is imperative!

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Large leaves are dried over smoky pine fires to create this ancient and much-loved Chinese tea. It has a distinctly smoky flavor with hints of pine, smoke, fruit and spices. Yum!

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Art of Tea Earl Gray Cream Tea

Our associate editor Sacha Strebe is a huge fan of this full-bodied citrus tea. It’s an organic loose leaf blend with ultra fragrant notes of bergamot and French vanilla with a rich, creamy finish.

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Black tea is blended with cardamom, pink pepper, cinnamon, ginger and orange zest for a delicious, heartwarming and comforting taste.

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Cellar lovers must try this sweet and spicy variation of the cellar.

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Yerba mate

If you’re looking for some serious energy, check out this popular brand of yerba mate. It’s as strong as coffee with all the health benefits of tea and the euphoria of chocolate. What’s not to like?

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White tea

You can’t beat the full-bodied, smoky chestnut notes and sweet nutty flavor of this white tea.

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This absolutely gorgeous tea is made from small, hand-rolled tea pearls that are delicately infused with floral essences of jasmine flowers.

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