New Research Say Eggs Are Bad for Your Cholesterol Again.


Science sends us pretty mixed messages about the health of eating eggs on a regular basis. Some studies claim that eggs are an important part of a healthy diet, while others say they should be avoided because they cause heart disease.

Earlier this year, Northwestern University School of Medicine published a study showing a new link between eggs, cholesterol, and heart health.

In this study, researchers tracked six groups of more than 29,000 people in the United States for 17 years. The study found that consuming 300 mg of cholesterol per day, equivalent to roughly 1½ eggs, was linked to a 3.2% increased risk of heart disease and an increased risk of premature death. 4.4%. In addition, every half of an egg consumed per day was linked to a 1.1% higher risk of cardiovascular disease and a 1.9% higher risk of premature death.

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