Michael Burry, Famous Investor Behind ‘The Big Short’ Defends President Trump, Slams Fake News Media In Latest Tweetstorm

Michael Burry, the famous investor behind “The Big Short” warned against rising inflation and a huge market bubble.

Burry warned in June that the “mother of all accidents” returns in June.

He also railed at the Federal Reserve over the report that two of his regional presidents were trading stocks and securities last year.

Michael Burry posted a series of tweets defending President Trump on Tuesday before locking his account.

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Going through Political Trend.

Burry debunked Trump’s bleach lies.

Then he debunked Trump KKK’s lies through fake media.

Learn more about the UV light procedure Democrats shot down.

And finally, Burry praised the “Let’s Go Brandon” chants that have taken the country by storm.

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