I make this vegan butternut squash soup when my body needs a reset

After a season of indulgence (c. after Hollidays, after the holidays or just at the restaurant), have you ever wanted to have a juice cleanse all day? Yeah, me neither (lol) but I have certainly lived many times when my body told me it needs a reset and my digestive system needs a serious break. When that feeling hits, I often walk over to the stove and put in a pot of this vegan butternut squash soup – and frequently double the batch so I have plenty of leftovers. cover lunches for the whole week.

When it comes to a “soup clean-up” situation, a comforting mashed vegan soup recipe is the place to be. The blender has already done the job for you, giving your digestive system the rest he needs. Having said that, I am not about to eat a meager cup of bland mash for just one lunch, not to mention lunch for a week. I need my soup to taste so tasty that the fact that it’s insanely healthy is almost irrelevant. I like my creamy, satisfying mashed soup but without the cream, you know? Enter my vegan butternut squash soup recipe. I use coconut milk for that satisfying richness and tons of warming spices to make this soup anything but boring.

Scroll down to see how it all comes together.

First, sauté the aromatics.

This soup recipe is incredibly simple. Now I could pretty much do it with my eyes closed, which is fun because I can then riff on the OG version and add different ingredients depending on what I have on hand. It all starts with a scented base of aromatics to give our soup tons of flavor. Take out your large Dutch oven, heat a little olive oil at the bottom, then add the chopped onion, chopped garlic and ginger.

Add your root vegetables.

When it all turns a little golden and caramelized (it only takes a few minutes to stir around the pan), add cubes of butternut squash and any other root vegetable you like. Carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes or any other winter squash are fair game. Stir it and when it starts to soften, add the turmeric and salt, stir it, then add your broth and turn up the heat. When it comes to simmering, turn it down to medium-low and let it simmer on the stovetop until your veggies are really soft and tender.

Mix it together.

To the blender we add our soup, with coconut milk, honey, coconut amino acids and the juice of an orange – MIAM. Blend until smooth and remember that when mixing hot ingredients you may need to do this in smaller amounts so your vegan butternut squash soup doesn’t explode on your white shirt (like mine. did it during this shoot.) I like to use whole coconut milk for optimal richness. The low-fat versions are just too watery to be satiated, and the fat in coconut milk is what will keep you from wanting to dip your scoop in a gallon of ice cream after dinner (okay, I could never do that. promise, but what I’m saying is, a little fat is good.)

Serve your vegan butternut squash soup with all the toppings.

Like most comforting vegan soup recipes, the presentation is all about the toppings. I top this one with toasted pumpkin seeds, fresh cilantro leaves and another drizzle of coconut milk (style tip: hold your spoon very close to the soup when you pour the fillet so that it doesn’t run out. not at the bottom.) Just before eating, give a final taste, and add more salt if it needs more flavor. Then take your spoon and devour.

How to store leftovers?

Few things are better for leftovers than soup. Store it in the fridge for up to a week or transfer it to a gallon-sized freezer bag, squeeze out as much air as possible, and place it in the freezer for up to two months. Defrost and reheat on the stovetop whenever you need an instant clean. The day after Thanksgiving, we’re ready for you.

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