Federal judge bars United Airlines from applying Covid vaccine mandate to employees seeking religious exemption

A Texas federal judge has temporarily barred United Airline from putting employees on paid leave who request religious exemptions for Covid vaccinations.

Two weeks ago, United Airlines employees sued the company in federal court in Texas over its Covid vaccine mandate.

Lawyers for the employees argued that the airliner’s vaccination warrant violated the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

According to employees, United is not granting religious or medical exemptions as promised – instead, employees are put on six-year paid leave.

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According to Reuters, the temporary restraining order is in effect until October 26.

In August, United said all of its 67,000 U.S.-based employees were to be vaccinated against Covid by September 27, unless they had a religious or medical exemption.

593 employees still have to get stung after the September 27 deadline expires.

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