Does vitamin B6 need a warning label?

Emery Pharma citizen petition, September 17, 2021.

Mayo Clinic: “Vitamin B-6. “

Andrea Wong, PhD, senior vice president of scientific and regulatory affairs, Council for Responsible Nutrition.

Jay Sirois, PhD, Senior Director, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs, Consumer Healthcare Products Association.

Connie Diekman, Registered Dietitian, Food and Nutrition Consultant, St. Louis; former president of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics; author, Superfood Nuts.

The Journal of Internal Medicine: “Peripheral neuropathy with hypervitaminosis B6 caused by self-medication.”

Office of Food Supplements: “Vitamin B6.”

National Health Service, UK: “B vitamins and folic acid. “

Ron Najafi, PhD, CEO, Emery Pharma, Alameda, California.

Ana Najafi, PharmD, Emery Pharma, Alameda, California.

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