9 Foods That Naturally Help Heal Sun-Damaged Skin


It can be hard to take advantage of those hot rays of the sun if you’re concerned about skin damage.

Fortunately, by filling your plate with this food, you may be able to heal the damage caused by a little sunshine.

Sunshine and Skin Damage

It is important to get enough sun every day. It helps regulate our circadian rhythm so that we get a good night’s sleep and provides us with vitamin D which strengthens the immune system.

However, prolonged exposure to the sun can damage the skin and lead to redness and wrinkles. When you receive too much ultraviolet radiation, it damages or “breaks” the bonds between strands of DNA in your skin cells. This causes cells to mutate or die, leading to signs of aging or even cancer.

Researchers believe that UV exposure causes up to 80% of the visible signs of skin aging.

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