7 Healthy Whole Foods That Could Slow Weight Loss


Eating mostly whole foods instead of processed foods is a common strategy for weight loss and maintenance. And that’s a good thing, because lean fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and protein will likely keep you full longer, which means you have less space for less healthy things. It’s also a way of eating that promotes a healthy and sustainable lifestyle over the long term.

But as many who have followed the Whole30 Diet or other similar “clean eating” plans find out, it does not mean you can eat unlimited amounts of these foods while you are still eating. Lose weight. This is because some healthy foods are also high in calories, which means they are higher in calorie concentration by volume than other foods.

Foods that are high in calories (even if they are not processed) can easily be over-eaten as they are usually tasty and don’t take up as much stomach space. If weight control is an issue, those extra calories can add up.

Here the nutritionists share healthy foods in moderation when trying to lose or keep your weight off.

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