12 Health Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water You Probably Didnt Know About


Lemon water is a surprisingly healthy and simple internal cleanser to start your day. I certainly noticed a difference when I started drinking the juice of a whole lemon in water in the morning. I really love how the strong taste wakes you up and keeps you going.

Some resources say it’s good to have it in lukewarm or even hot water. I think this way you could use it as a healthier substitute for your morning coffee, but I personally prefer it in filtered water at room temperature. However, it is best not to have it in cold water as it can be a little shock to your digestive system when you are just waking up.

It is also better to use real lemon juice instead of the lemon juice concentrate, as these products usually contain sulfites, a preservative that some people react negatively to. Natural enzymes, antioxidants, and vitamins are also likely to be lost during the manufacturing process. Therefore, look for real lemons to get the best benefits.

There are many health benefits associated with fresh lemon water, with 12 of the best listed below. With a little practice, you can get it back in less than a minute, so there’s no good excuse not to try.

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