10 Natural Benefits of Dates And The Tastiest Ways To Enjoy Them


Dried dates are more than just a fruit or a natural sweetener. They are one of the oldest fruits grown by humans, and they add a decadent caramel flavor to everything they touch.

Dates are a powerhouse of benefits, with more antioxidants and anti-disease minerals than many other natural sweeteners. These tiny gemstones also contain the highest levels of antioxidants in nuts and have the power to fight inflammation.

In fact, the nutritional content of dates is comparable to that of manuka honey. Both contain B vitamins and minerals like copper, iron, and potassium. Dates can even fight bacteria like staph and E. coli faster than manuka honey! This makes it a forgiving sweetener that can make you feel really good about yourself.

Let’s dive into the ancient history of dates as well as the delicious ways to include this mineral-rich fruit in your diet.

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