10 Halloween movies on Netflix worth watching in October

Is “Hubie Halloween” good? Is it bad? Does it matter? This Adam Sandler movie is wacky, but shows genuine love for Halloween and the surrounding season. In it, Sandler plays Hubie Dubois, an autumn enthusiast who gets involved in a very spooky mystery that takes hold of his small town of Salem, Massachusetts, one of the spookiest towns in the United States. .

Although he is often the butt of pranks and bullied by his neighbors, Hubie has the final say when a Halloween threat turns out to be real, and only Hubie is able to save the day. In addition to Sandler, “Hubie Halloween” features some of your favorite comedians including Julie Bowen, Maya Rudolph, Kevin James, Kenan Thompson, Tim Meadows, Rob Schneider, and Steve Buscemi. This film is the first of Netflix’s original Halloween films, a new trend that we can expect to continue in the years to come.

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