10 Foods That Naturally Detox Heavy Metals in Your Body


We are exposed to heavy metals on a daily basis. These are the top 10 foods that can help our body detoxify itself naturally from exposure to metals.

Heavy metals are found in everything from the water we drink to the personal care products we put on our skin, and even in some of the foods we eat.

The types of metals found in our body include mercury, lead, cadmium, copper, iron, zinc, and arsenic. When exposed to them in large amounts, these heavy metals can wreak havoc on our overall health.

How We Get Heavy Metals in Our System

Because we are exposed to it through different routes, heavy metals can build up in our bodies. These are the most common heavy metals we are exposed to and how they enter our systems.

Lead: Lead is released into the air through vehicle exhaust fumes and settles in our soil, which then spreads in the water we drink. This heavy metal is also found in lead glass containers and older paints.

Arsenic: We are exposed to arsenic through the air we breathe and through certain foods, such as rice and even baby cereal products.

Mercury: Crustaceans such as swordfish, sharks, tuna, and mackerel contain mercury, as do some thermometers and amalgams.

Cadmium: Humans can be exposed to cadmium from rechargeable batteries, tobacco smoke, industrial work environments, and even some fruits and vegetables by transfer from the soil to the plant. The scary thing about cadmium is that once it’s in your system, it continues to build up for a lifetime.

Aluminum: Aluminum occurs naturally in water, soil and air; mining can raise standards.

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